Our Team

A brief snapshot of our eminent directors who have crafted this company of their own hands.

Akhil Bandhu Paul

Co-founder & CEO

His stint at an animation Academy as a faculty induced the passion for animation in him. He thereon became the Technical Head of that Academy. In 2006, he started Mayabious Art, and achieved success and reputation with time, making it among the best studios in India

Barunendra Bachar

Co-founder & Operations Director

After completing masters in Cyber Law, Barun left the opportunity to be associated with one of the best lawyers in the country, to engage in business and has been the Operations Director of Mayabious Art since inception.

Rana Basak

Co-founder & Production Director

Known for his quality work, Rana chose to become an animator of high standards. He spearheads the technical team of Mayabious, always looking for betterment and leading to the exponential growth of the company. He is involved in the R&D process of the studio and guides his team to achieve high standards.

Manoshish Hazra

Co-founder & Director

Manoshish, with his business acumen, guides the company with new business trends and knowledge. He played the key-roll in transforming a dream into reality called Mayabious Art.