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Transform Your Ideas into Reality with 3D Miniature Models

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Mayabious Art is one of the pioneers in Architectural Model Making with over 20 years of experience. We are not only experts in crafting scale models but also in providing installation.

We excel in creating comprehensive 3D miniature models with best quality materials to exhibit a proposed project with hyper- realistic detail.

Driven by cutting-edge technology, we are specialised in delivering IOT-enabled miniature models which are built to place in marketing offices and experience centres to calculate ROI.

With a team of experienced craftsmen, we continuously strive to offer unparalleled services with unmatched commitment and trust.

Scale Model Building

Why choose us

  • Expert in crafting various types of 3D miniature models
  • Making miniature models with premium raw materials
  • Skilled and experienced team
  • Driven by innovative technology
  • Crafting customized scale models based on client’s requirement
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Benefits of using scale models

Preparing scale models is an intensive art that requires skill and precision. We have the expertise to turn ideas into miniature model...

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Scale Model Maker
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Type of MaterialsKnow more about materials

Architectural Model Making

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet or Plexiglass is a commonly used 3D model making material. Being a leading scale model maker in the industry, we build products with premium quality Acrylic Sheets. This material is used for shaping stunning 3D models that exhibit exceptional features and offer a great visual experience.

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HIP Sheet

High Impact Polystyrene or HIP is known for its strength and durability. This thermoplastic material is used for architectural models making as it can accommodate a wide variety of applications. As it’s a versatile thermoplastic, it adds a definition to the miniature model.

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