Introducing Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality – The excellence of technology for promoting your Business

Posted On: August 24, 2020
Posted By: Mayabious Art

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – these are the two revolutionary creations of modern technology. It may seem to be a miracle where we can experience anything in a simulated mode. Though it looks like real, yet it is a completely artificial ambiance. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Augmented Reality is a highly interactive technology that has the power to augment the real world ambiance where Virtual Reality is known as an immersive technology that makes you experience a three-dimensional digital ambiance. Both of these take you to a world beyond your imagination.

Augmented and virtual reality can benefit different types of businesses with remarkable growth. As it can amazingly engage the attention of the viewers, these are becoming popular day by day. Let’s come to the discussion – is it a myth or can augmented reality and virtual reality help your brand or business? Explore it now!

Augmented reality vs. Virtual reality

Both of these make the users experience through 3-dimensional high definition video and audio. However, there’s a difference between these two. VR can be defined as completely immersive that takes a user into isolated reality. In this context, AR can be explained as partly immersive where the users can look through the artificial objects of the visibly expanded layer. In the case of VR, a simulated environment is created and while the user turns his or her head, the graphic starts reacting. Both of these are highly useful for businesses such as travel and tourism, health care sector, education and training, the automotive industry, manufacturing, marketing, and many more. 

How AR and VR can help your business?

As the consumers are becoming much more tech-savvy, the business owners should think something innovative to engage the attention of the customers and surpass their expectations. Below are the benefits that you can experience with the perfect implementation of AR & VR technology.

  • Product prototyping 

VR can be used wonderfully to visualize and design a product that was merely an imagination before. With the use of VR technology, products can be precisely designed and even its functionality can be analyzed and modified for making it the best one. Along with these, the problems can get easily detected and dealt with for avoiding all sorts of post-production complications.

  • Effectively helps to reduce business travel

If you want to revolutionize your business, you must embrace modern technology. These days, life has become fast and all we need to do is executing the tasks in a faster way to stand out from the other competitors. No more need for business travel as virtual reality is there to help you out. With virtual meetings and training sessions, problems can be identified more effectively which in turn results in the successful growth of the business.

  • Virtual reality adds a new dimension to e-commerce advertising

Apart from the entertainment industries, such as movies and gaming, e-commerce advertising benefits a lot from VR technology. It creates a completely new way where consumers can shop with convenience and experience a new purchasing cycle.

  • AR & VR introduces a revolution in the automotive industry

Nowadays, VR is being used as a unique marketing strategy in the automobile showrooms. Usually, there are limited numbers of car models in the showrooms due to lack of space. VR can be used here to make the prospective buyer view his or her desired car models with a complete 360-degree view. Along with that, they can visualize the exterior or interior of the car, can switch on the lights, discover the features of the model, and so on. It’s an absolute interactive experience that helps in the growth of the business.

  • Train your new employees by using VR technology 

Make your employees learn real-world business problems in a computer-generated simulated environment. Though it seems to be a daunting task, yet it needs very little effort to provide training to the new employees. They can learn without the fear of failures which results in enhancing productivity. 

  • Introduce established products to the new audiences in an interactive way

The use of AR and VR technology can make product presentation techniques to a new level. It’s an amazing way to exhibit your services or products and create a more interactive shopping experience for the potential consumers. The immersive environment creates an emotional connection and engages the attention of the buyers.

  • Healthcare sector

Is it sounding a little strange? Technology has made everything possible when doctors find out new possibilities of innovative treatments with the implementation of AR and VR technology. Augmented reality has created a surgical navigation system where the surgeons get X-Ray vision to deal with the complicated spine surgery operation in an easier way. With VR technology, the patients can be treated effectively to overcome phobia or anxiety as we can create a real-life scenario to find out the cause of trauma. The virtually rendered operation theatres are considered to be the most interactive platforms for providing medical students with an immersive education. Now, it’s time to broaden up our vision and thinking to experience the amazing benefits of AR and VR. 

  • Tourism industry is another key beneficiary

Showcase the top attractions of a tourist destination with VR technology to grab the attention of the audiences. Even, VR can be used to provide with a personalized dream trip for the aspiring tourists. Interactive promo videos can also be made with the inclusion of hotels, resorts, and necessary amenities to increase the number of prospective travelers.

The GPS enabled mobile apps with Augmented Reality can help the tourists find out the routes, itineraries, and desirable destinations in an interesting way. Also, the travelers can be provided with a new cultural experience which in turn makes the tourism industry flourished. 

So, what’s your opinion- Won’t augmented and virtual reality help growing your business? We are here to make you experience the outstanding growth of business with the successful implementation of AR and VR technology. Be it real estate business, or hospitality sector or marketing, AR and VR will offer a brilliant outcome that you have never experienced.

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