Looking for the most reliable 3D scale modeling software? Here are our top 3 CAD software solutions

Posted On: October 10, 2023
Posted By: Mayabious Art

Precision and invention are necessary in the world of real estate but it’s not easy to achieve without having proper knowledge of the specialized tools available market. In a hi-tech world of cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas, when everyone is more prone to using modern technical tools to be one step ahead, having introductory knowledge about useful tools can only help you to achieve this high position of perfection. Through the use of professional tools, any architect can produce detailed 3D scale modeling & 3D visualizations for the person in question, giving them a real-life experience of their vision before the actual creation. In fact, currently, nearly everyone in the real estate world wants to show their clients a realistic representation of the finished product. Because it’ll give them a sense of the outcome far before actually creating it. But, when there is such a variety of software options available, how can one decide which software you need to keep an eye on? So, let’s explore some useful technical tools that can help you transform any property into stunning renderings and take your automation real estate business to the next level. 

Computer-aided Design (CAD) Software:

Whenever we talk about 3D scale modeling software, CAD software comes into the first choice. This software enables designers to create detailed diagrams and 3D models with almost a hundred percent accuracy. Designing anything from floor plans to furniture and fixtures is possible with CAD software because CAD applications are designed to increase productivity, optimize the designer’s workflow, and improve design detail quality. 

What factors should be considered before choosing CAD software for 3D scale modeling? 

Choosing the most effective software has never been easy and when it comes to architectural design, it automatically becomes more challenging to decide. Hence, a person should know what objectives he or she expects to achieve. A simple free architectural rendering software or OS-specific rendering software? Do they need better design team collaborating software or software that has better visualization to impress the audience? It is necessary to choose the architectural software strategically based on the objectives rather than relying solely on popular opinion. 


Graphisoft developed this software for solely architectural 3D scale modeling development. This building information modeling software system (BIM) allows an architect to develop 3D and 2D drafting, visualization, and building modeling, giving them a complete solution to their most common problems.  

Now, if we focus on the Pros and Cons of the software, while its parametric object-oriented functionalities help users to deal with smart objects seamlessly, it’s less flexibility when customizing the program is a disadvantage. 

Secondly, designing conceptual prototypes by customizing and optimizing geomatrical objects is far more user-friendly in ArchiCad but features like Revision or Change Manager, tools like new Stair and Railing, and many more are not easily customizable. 

But, after 36 years of full commitment to architectural design, how ArchiCad has evolved many designing techniques has been truly remarkable. Last, but not least, introducing BIM into the architectural design world changed the whole perspective of designing architectural structures. 


If ArchiCad has increased its popularity due to its features then Revit is another building information modeling software that is giving it a high competition. Developed by Autodesk, Revit is a software program specially designed for architects and is gaining popularity due to its high level of precision regardless of the size or complexity of a construction. A major factor in the popularity of this design software is the highly efficient collaborative aspect. Any coordinator can access a centrally shared model designed through it which eventually ends up saving a lot of time. Other than landscape designing, another noteworthy feature of this software is its ability to cut down the amount of repetition. 

But, these positive aspects are also the reason for its underappreciation. This software is entirely focused on structural design and accuracy. However, the absence of some essential and general design tools such as commands and meshes hinders it from the market competition. Another major disadvantage of this software is interior designing aspect of this software is largely neglected. 

In conclusion, though Revit BIM software is not a perfect one but is certainly a very useful one in terms of cutting down time dealing with the most basic manual tasks. 


In contrast to BIM design software, Cedro is a web-based 3D home design software that is now becoming immensely dependable among architects because of its construction and remodeling professional tools that can draw floor plans and other architectural designs through 3D rendering within a fraction of a second. Designers can draw 2D and 3D models, including customized floor plans, interior decor, and outdoor settings with just a few clicks. Cedro can create more than 7000 3D objects and can generate construction drawings with the help of photorealistic renderings. A person can generate, render, and share project visualizations without using any complicated tools or specialized training. In addition to these features, Cedro has also a wide selection of furnishings, materials, and decorations to create realistic home decorations. But, despite having this wide range of collections, in some cases, you may not find the right products that match your interior designs and this is the major drawback of this software. 

Here, we mentioned only three software but there are many software available in the market like AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Chief Architect, All Plan, Vectorworks Architect, MicroStation, Bricscad BIM, Rhino3D, etc which are also very popular in the designing world. Any architect, designer, or common person can use any of the above software to create good overviews of a building or try new home design ideas. 

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