The very first step is getting the project brief from the clients. We gauge the client's view of the project including their conception, approach and execution.

Then we begin our "reiki" to formulate our own understanding of the project which helps us in determining the look and feel and the angle of the project. This is done in various ways like analyzing actual site photography, location visit and occasionally performing an aerial drone shoot providing us with a bird's perspective of the project.

All the technical data and relevant info is consolidated and analyzed further to formulate the direction and our approach towards visualization.

Then the next step involves building a story around the project specially keeping the target group's perspective in mind.

The final stylization is an essential component of the visualization is determined keeping in mind the final story. At the same time we use the latest technology and programs available to transfer all communications. Using only the latest and most cutting edge technology at our disposal is a key aspect as the quality and finesse of the final outcome can be vastly different.

Utilizing both technical and creative innovations is a fairly regular procedure and an undeniable aspect of our day to day work.

In the end, it's all about producing a work that is fresh, edgy, innovative and stays faithful to the source material at the same time.